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Red Carpet Looks On The Rise

Red Carpet Looks On The Rise

5 Eveningwear Designers to Watch

Oh Eveningwear, to the common ear that term either seems dated or reserved for socialites and their high society galas. First off my darlings, anyone and everyone has the right to dress like Jacqueline Kennedy. The dilemma that is prevalent here is not who wears it, but when?

 Black-Tie has lost its evident dress code amongst the age of casual chic attire. Why settle for a dose of glamour, while you can have the full glass? If left confused on the level of formality of the occasion, a rule of thumb is to always communicate with the host. Yes, even for weddings. Also, pay a little notice to the invitation medium. Not to shade a Facebook invite, but if there was effort made to be mailed then I suggest you put the effort in that dress, ladies.

 Now that has been dealt with, it is dire to discover where to get your next evening wear. Alas, look no further than these five premiere designers making waves in all that is dapper.


With roots in rural Colorado, inspiration for the brand Markarian is derived from designer Alexandra O’Neil’s childhood nights spent marveling at the expanse of glistening constellations. Markarian, named after a radiant grouping of galaxies, exhibits a combined love of the cosmos and celestial romanticism with timeless design and modern grace. These pieces are destined to be ethereal, to remind you not of what you are wearing, but of the moment in your life it was worn.



A visionary that has defied trends, designs with an adamant rejection to what is the norm, Toni Matičevski has consistently been an inspirer of modern women’s fashion for nearly two decades. Rather than simply create, he constructs cloth with the most alluring of silhouettes. Every design inspired and sculpted with the same vigor of a reincarnated Athena Parthenos.



Better known as the Sultan of Sequins, Michael Halpern is the spearhead for fashion’s brazen maximalist movement. His designs have character, a splendor of glamour and empowerment. Halpern’s label revives the fervor of the 70s feminist movement and is reverent of the nightlife culture that was Disco. Every collection innovatively sequined and parading that a star is born.



Raised between the Bahamas and Paris, Rebecca de Ravenel merged both the respective influences to create what is known as her innate aesthetic, which remains deeply rooted in the old sensibilities of the tropics, with a touch of urban flair. In 2015, Rebecca launched the iconic Les Bonbons earrings, the paradigm of what her 2017 ready to wear collection would introduce – rich textiles, spontaneity, and a bit of boldness. A Rebecca de Ravenel selection is reminiscent of Frida Kahlo’s free spirit as well her own style.



Founders Anna-Christin Haas, Sola Harrison, Katherine Holmgren and Carolyn Hodler united as possibly the most idealistic #girlsquad to create what is Galvan – born from the word and idea to galvanize. True to that nature, their designs stir up the eveningwear scene with an air of youth and vitality. Their bridal collection launch speaks volumes of their dedication to crafting contemporary and sleek gowns for the modern day bride. All in all, Galvan is created by women, for women.




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