Simply put, this blog is about passion. My deepest passions happen to lie in fashion, interior design and travel, and this blog is my drawing board. You will be able to see my take on everything you need to create a lifestyle you love. My hope is to ignite a desire in all of you to share your passions with the world as each of us has a unique perspective.

My name is Kate Tikhomirova (Pronounced TIK-O-MI-RO-VA) and I am the founder and CEO of Whether it was a teacher in grade school or an attendant at the airport, hardly anyone could pronounce my last name, heck, I can barely pronounce my last name! And although I am very proud of my Russian roots this obviously frustrated me and it made me wish it was less of a mouthful, and something that could actually fit when I filled out applications. 



As I looked to other bloggers for inspiration I saw that more and more people were not hiding behind alter egos, but using their own names and embracing who they were. This encouraged me to love and embrace myself and finally take the leap into starting Kate Tik. 

This is me, but with a name everyone can easily pronounce. I am Kate and these are the things that make me TIK.