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Rebirth: a spiritual regeneration; Already two months into the new year and most of us are eagerly pursuing this annual self-evolution that is “new year, new me.” Whether it is significant lifestyle resolutions or a sudden trade of cubicles for cabanas, these new beginnings tend to be on a grand scale every kick off of the New Year. I mean, good for the gals & guys that are accomplishing what we deem #lifegoals worthy, but gradual wins are just as satisfying. So in the spirit of progressive change, I declare the most celebrated of closet purges there is (cue the drum roll) - spring-cleaning. In the words of Marie Kondo my friends, “To truly cherish the things that are important to you, you must first discard those that have outlived their purpose.”

 2018 has come and gone with specific breakthroughs within the realms of fashion. Look into your closets, scroll through your instagram feeds, and click onto your online wish lists that stand as reminders of the vortex that was biker shorts, belt bags, and the infamous dad shoe. Prevalent trends these were, but alas fell short when it came to an accessory that was so clutch it was as if it were a tangible piece of geometric abstract art – the Azar clutch bag from Tara Zadeh.  

 Seen in every it girls’ hand was this petite, perfectly circular bag that ranges in brilliantly bold primary shades with an inspired conception of metal bracelet handle work. Just as the sculpture of David is to Michelangelo, The Azar clutch is to Tara Ghanzanfar, Iranian designer and founder of Tara Zadeh. Born in the U.S., yet raised in Paris, and now based in London, Tara has made it a focal point in her designs to implement multiculturalism. With a keen Parisian eye while exploring markets across the globe, an attendance to the Parsons School of Design, and her Iranian background, there is a profound sense of integrity in the craftsmanship of what is Tara Zadeh.

  Interviewed by Samantha Pérez

 SP: Aside from your own handbags in your line, what is your favorite handbag you have collected thus far from your travels and why?

I love these small pouches that I picked up from the bazaars in Iran, what’s interesting is that the designs change between cities in Iran, and also have different names depending on the region they’re from.

SP: How has social media impacted your career and the rapid success of Tara Zadeh? Was it a marketing goal to go viral or was it an organic climb?

It all started with my trunk show on Moda Operandi, it gave me great visibility and got the brand lots of press attention which meant that they were contacting me more and more. I was lucky enough that my friend Soraya Bakhtiar put me in touch with Sophie Elliott to handle my PR, she did an amazing job to say the least! My bags were being worn during fashion week in September 2017 which also gained the brand momentum.

SP: Who are your dream designers to collaborate with?

Lucky enough, I’m already in the middle of a collaboration with one of my favourite designers, which will be revealed soon, it’s set to launch later this year. I also love Halpern, Michael (Halpern) actually studied at Parsons in New York, although our major’s were different, we partied together a lot, I love the aesthetic and his designs, so a collab with Halpern would be super cool. I also love Amina Muaddi, and I think we could create great things together.

  SP: Do you look forward to the challenge of reinventing the Azar clutch in future collections or would you prefer to tackle a different designed bag altogether?

I am for sure reinventing the Azar but also exploring new designs. The geometric form is very important to me. I also really love playing around with different materials.

 SP: You have worked in various backgrounds/jobs in the fashion industry, what would be your advice to someone who feels stuck in their major or career? 

Take a chance, it is better to take a chance and fail than have regrets for not trying. It’s good to explore different mediums before you understand what you like and do not like. 

 SP:  Are there any other aspects of fashion you would want to venture into or possibly expand into clothing, shoes, etc?

Yes I would love to make coats. Something else I collect and I absolutely love. Or perhaps get into some serious platform shoes and only do platform shoes. Some things to think about. 

 SP: What do you look forward to happen next for Tara Zadeh? 

I am moving my production from Spain to Italy. Bring on the “Made in Italy” very excited about that!



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