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Bold is Best

Bold is Best

In the last couple of years, minimal and neutral have taken up a storm over social media trends and have re-established popular fashion. As a result, we’ve slowly shied away from bold, bright colours. Not anymore! Colour lovers, rejoice! Fall 2018 is going to be bold, bright and unique. 

I’ve gathered some of the bold colours that are at the forefront of this trend and that you might want to explore this season: 

Cobalt Blue

Finally this colour is getting the recognition it deserves. I absolutely love this colour and when used well it can be a true show stopper! 


It's Think Pink but on a whole other level! This sister colour is bolder and brighter and not for the faint hearted, but used in the right way can add a fun injection to an otherwise more casual look.

Rusty Red

Not really bordeaux, not really rust, not really red - just something in between and I love it. This colour screams autumn, cosiness and warmth. 

Mustard Yellow

It's being described as being the new Millennial Pink. Enough said. 

We will be seeing this colour a lot this season, so don't be afraid to embrace it! 

One of my favourite brands, Milly, has recently launched their Fall 2018 Collection. A bold and vibrant campaign expressing Love, Inclusiveness and Equality, championing uniqueness and the power we have if we all come together to make the world a better place. There isn’t a better message than this one! 

Since fashion weeks require a statement, I embraced this trend by wearing a really bold Milly look in bright cobalt blue. The high gloss of the organza pleated skirt coupled with the textured waves of the top gave the look some serious futuristic vibes and made me stand out from the crowd.



Coal is Cool

Coal is Cool

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