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When in Rome

When in Rome

7 things to do in Rome

You may have already seen our travel piece about Mykonos; so let’s move onto another beautiful holiday destination; Rome. 

Rome is the capital of Italy and a cultural, architecturally and historical hotspot. People flock to the city to not only enjoy some pure Italian hospitality but also to see a range of beautiful sights and sample delicious local food.

So to make sure that you make the most of your time in Rome, here is our guide to the top things to do. 

Visit the Pantheon

There a whole host of gorgeous buildings to marvel at in Rome, one of which is the Pantheon. The burial place of the kings of the city, this temple is an architectural wonder and one of the best preserved buildings in the city. 

Go and see an icon

If you think of a symbolic view of Rome then you are likely to think about the Colosseum. The place of many a gladiatorial fights, this amphitheatre is a showcase of Roman times and is steeped in history. One of the most popular attractions in Rome, it has somewhere in the region of 4 million visitors each and every year, meaning that you should always buy your tickets in advance! 

Take a stroll through Trastevere

Do you love the idea of taking a wander through a hip, bohemian area? If you do then Trastevere is right up your street. Here there are a number of amazing boutiques and cafes spread across a truly charming neighbourhood. Spending time here is almost like starring in your very own movie, with so many beautiful spots to stop and take in the elegance and style of Italy.

Not only this, but come the evening this area really comes to life with bars and restaurant opening their doors and welcoming people in. 

Indulge in some shopping

We all love shopping, no matter where in the world we are, so why not take the chance to sample some of Italy’s best whilst you are in Rome. The Galleria Alberto Sordi is one the most popular shopping and eating hotspots in the city. Not only because of the beautiful 1920s architecture but also because it has some pretty amazing names there too such as Zara, Massimo Dutti and Italy’s answer to Macy’s, Rinascente.

Visit a traditional market

If you tire of the shops and boutiques and want to experience some more traditional and rustic shopping, then why not visit a mercato (or market). These gloriously colourful collection of stalls is still a popular way for those who live in Rome to buy all of their fresh fruit and vegetables; and as well as being a great place to try new food, is also a great way to soak up culture too. 

Sample some fine Italian Gelato

What trip to Italy would be complete without trying some authentic Italian ice cream? One of the most popular gelaterias has to be Giolotti. It has been around since 1900 and with its close proximity to the Pantheon is a great place to visit after you have done some sightseeing.

The decades of serving customers has meant that they have had plenty of time to perfect a range of flavours and here you will find an assortment to choose from. 

Where to stay?

There really so many different hotels to stay in when visiting Rome, however if you are looking for top quality that is also a little different then why not book in at the Portrait Roma? This hotel is not only at the height of luxury but it works with you to make sure that you have a truly remarkable time in Rome. 

Rome really does have so much to offer the tourist, so if you are trying to find the ideal European city break, you can’t go far wrong with Rome! 

Dress:  Carolina Herrera || Shoes: Zara || Bag: Chanel

Hair: Olga at Jean Louis David Salon

Photography: Dmitry

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