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Recconect with Nature

Recconect with Nature

Whilst it is amazing to be able to travel all over the world with my job, there are times that it can cause a few headaches.

As a blogger, I need to be connected to the world around me for a huge chunk of time. Which, can be simple, especially in these modern times of WiFi and wireless connectivity.

However, during my recent travels to Mykonos and Ibiza, I found myself really struggling with connections to the internet; something that I found rather frustrating.

But then, I found myself sat in the sunshine and it got me thinking...

We live in a world now which has become so obsessed with the internet, with social media and with sharing every single moment of our lives, that it was nice, for once, to be able to step back from it all.

During my time in Ibiza in particular I found this to be true. Rather than feeling angry about not being able to log in to my laptop (although to be fair this did mean I couldn’t work) instead, I relished at the chance of being disconnected from the world and simply allowed myself to indulge in somethings that I really enjoy doing instead.

That me time, I feel, was heavily reflected in the photoshoot that we captured in Ibiza with some amazing images. 

This look was shot on the grounds of the beautiful Es Trull hotel where I was staying during my trip. This hotel has its roots firmly set in Agrotourism, which is where farms bring in visitors in the form of guests staying there. It was an absolutely stunning location and it really took us away from some of the hustle and bustle that is so often found across the party island that is Ibiza.

Not only was I lucky enough to be able to relax during the shoot in this beautiful location, but I also got to wear some absolutely amazing beach clothes too.

Every lady will admit that when it comes to sitting by the pool or hitting the beach, we want to try and look our best. That is why so many of us spend a rather extensive amount of time selecting the right bikini (as well as making sure that our bodies are looking pretty great too).

The particular bikini that I wore during this shoot was made by Victoria’s Secrets and this was matched with an exquisitely beautiful silk printed Kaftan in Jewel Blue by Hermione De Paula

I felt, as I sat by the pool, a million dollars, which is just the ideal bikini should make you feel. 

Photography: Arno Lippert

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