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Learn to Perfect that Accent of Yours

Learn to Perfect that Accent of Yours

Whether you are a fan of interior design or not, one thing is for sure - you’re bound to recognize some of the iconic accent chairs that I’m about to show you. You may not know who designed the stunning statement piece of furniture you will certainly fall in love with, but I can assure you that you will have seen at least one of these beauties in luxury settings around the globe (even if it was just in a brochure).

But first, what do I mean by an ‘accent’ chair? Well, the clue is in the name. The term ‘accent’ is used to describe a chair which will add ‘emphasis’ to your décor style. By that I mean it will not only stand out as a furniture piece in its own right, but also enhance your room’s décor style as a whole by bringing it all together.

So, how does it magically do this? Well, the idea is for the chair to co-ordinate with your existing sofa, for instance, by matching with a colour in the pattern or the chair itself can be patterned but mimicking the shade of your self-coloured sofa. 

Then again, the chair could co-ordinate with any other nearby item in the room – not necessarily the sofa. You can see an excellent example of this in the following hallway image where the Louis XIV-style accent chair co-ordinates beautifully with the lamp and particular shades in the wall art:

You’ll get the idea, as you read on, that an accent chair isn’t just about adding extra seating to your room (in fact, it’s not really at all!), but is a great way to add a new style reference or silhouette to your living space. In other words, it’s about contributing flair, drama and even definition to your current living space. And don’t we all hanker after that?!

Still, I reckon I’ve waited long enough now to show you some of my all-time favourite famous accent chairs. And here goes. First up is Arne Jacobsen’s fun, womb-like Egg Chair:

Next is Ludwig Mies Van der Rohne’s incredibly stylish Barcelona Chair (this usually comes in either black or white incredibly soft and oh-so-exquisite leather):

Hans J Wegner’s rather spindly-looking – but extremely comfortable - Wishbone Chair is also on my list. This would work perfectly with most dining tables, I reckon:


Perhaps the most iconic of all accent pieces – the Eames Lounge Chair (oh, how I love this beautiful piece of furniture):

Another iconic chair that most of you will probably recognize on sight is the ergonomic and incredibly space age-like Pantone chair. And yes, it’s that comfortable:


Next, from modern to traditional – the designer Tom Dixon gives a new gloss to that old fireside classic Wingback number of yesteryear. This model is oh so sleek and sexy and can be seen dotted around bars and lobby's of the best boutique hotels across the globe...


Finally (and I’ll stop drooling now), the last of my very favourite iconic accent chairs is designer Philip Starck’s Ghost Chair. Who doesn’t love this? A great dining chair in a set of four. Or, sit two either side of a coffee table. This is also a fab chair for a bedroom – especially small ones since the chair, in most cases, is see-thru (so it doesn’t detract from the space in the room):

The key is to make sure the chair you eventually end up with has flair and complements your existing décor – but not literally (otherwise it won’t prove to be the focal point you seek). Most of all though, just make sure you love it!

I hope you enjoyed this little assembly of chairs, and taken some inspiration in adding an accent chair or two to your interior.  Or perhaps you have a favourite statement chair? If so I’d love to see it…


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