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Festival Style Essentials

Festival Style Essentials

Too overwhelmed to decide which fashion pieces are absolute must haves for Coachella? Well, I've got you covered with all the style essentials that are sure to keep you stylish during festival season: 

DENIM JACKET: Obviously it can get pretty hot during day in the desert, but for those chilly evenings listening to your favorite artists, a good denim jacket is a must. 

FLORAL DRESS: The ultimate festival essential, nothing says summer and free spirit frolicking through the polo fields like a pretty floral dress! Boho or cute a floral dress will make you look put together yet keep you light and fresh for long days out. The adorable mustard floral number by Emory Park in the look below is a perfect example.


GLADIATOR SANDALS: For music festivals having comfortable footwear is an absolute must, so why not look stylish too with some gladiator sandals? 


TRENDY SUNGLASSES: I've come to the realization that a good pair of sunglasses are necessary to complete any outfit and festivals are a time to experiment with fashion so don't be shy, the bolder the better! For those long sunny days, one of these pairs will make you look trendy and shield your eyes from the insane sunlight. 

SUN HAT: Just like the sunglasses, a good hat is also a must piece in your festival wardrobe. Since you will be catching a lot of sun rays, it is imperative you use some precautions so your face isn't burnt when you go home. A boho felt floppy hat or a straw boater style are the way to go and will compliment any outift.

JUMPSUIT OR ROMPER: I have been obsessing over one piece outfits since they are just so easy and stylish at the same time. I'd day you can't go wrong with one of these for Coachella. Just throw on some accessories and you're good to go. 

DENIM SHORTS: What kind of festival would it be without some denim shorts? The more distressed the better. 

BODYSUIT: The bodysuit trend is one that I am all on board for and are perfect piece to match with those distressed denims. The front laced up numbers are always a good choice but if you want be more daring go the embellished route or add a bit of lace for that sex appeal.  

What pieces would you say are music festival essentials? Let me know in comment section below. 





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