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Cafe a Paris

Cafe a Paris

If I’m completely honest, my love for coffee is borderline obsessive. But who doesn’t love the smell of fresh coffee in the morning or the frothiness of a pumpkin spice latte on a cool fall evening? And don’t get me started on enjoying good food while people watching. Umm, yes please. What’s even better is enjoying all of this in the beautiful city that is Paris. Whether you’re looking for a good Sunday brunch or a cute café to simply drink coffee and people watch, this list is sure to make your heart Tik:

1.  Café Kitsune

Like LA has Alfred’s coffee, Paris has Café Kitsune. Yup, that good. It’s so good indeed that us bloggers flock to this small café in front of Jardin du Palais Royal to enjoy one of their beautifully adorned matcha lattes. I mean where else can you get a fox cookie, lemon  sorbet and caffeine with outdoor seating overlooking the lush gardens? Be prepared to look around and bring a map when you come as it is hidden and can be hard to find. Oh and obviously don’t forget to snap your adventure to be sure you’re part of the cool kids club

2. Café de Flore

       Can’t go wrong with good ol’ Café de Flore. Yes, I know what you’re thinking; it’s been mentioned in every single tourist guide you’ve ever read. But seriously, if it’s good enough for Picasso to have his morning coffee here, it’s surely good enough for me. Step into an art deco inspired space that has hardly changed since World War II and has celebrity clientele on a daily basis. Personally I’d say this is a good place to grab breakfast or lunch and possibly run into your fave movie star while you’re at it.

 3. La Bossue

The mint green and striped yellow entrance instantly drew me to this tiny café. This place serves up great brewed coffee and pastries perfect to go or sit inside and enjoy on a rainy Parisian day. Unfortunately they don't have outdoor seating like many other restaurants in the city, but it is still worth the visit. Some favourites are the coffee cake and scones, which are all beautifully displayed for you to choose from.

4. Café de la Paix

       Located in front of the Opera, this is what you would call an Instagram picture perfect café. The décor literally makes you feel like you’re in the Palace of Versailles. There’s murals on the ceiling and silk curtains hang from the windows all surrounded by Victorian looking lamps. All their food is served in an ornate manner and they even have pre-fixed menus. Prices can vary as some snacks are obviously cheap, but be prepared to spend more money on full meals. From the ornate seating area to the delicious weekend brunch, this is the place to visit next time you’re in Paris.

 5. HolyBelly

        Last but not least, this restaurant is the least Parisian of them all. Some might say it even has a mix of an American/Aussie feel to it, but it’s still one of our faves. Just to show how even Paris has diversity, we’ve added HolyBelly to the list. The interior has a rustic feel to it as it is neutral toned and there are brick walls and wooden chairs and tables. There always seems to be a line but I can assure it is worth the wait. The savory pancakes will complete your life and the crispy hash brown is sure to make you want to come back for more. To top it all off, the English-speaking staff is very friendly and even serves you coffee while you wait.

 What are your favourite cafes? It can be in Paris or any other city. Please comment below!

Dress: Sandro || Sneakers: Golden Goose || Bag: Marc Jacobs  || Leather jacket: Veda 

Photography: Anna Yakovleva


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